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Hello everyone long time no writing!!


So it’s spring time, which means is almost summer!!!! And I guess a lot of you guys decide to go out and hit the gym, or for a run and exercise a lot... But when you exercise, do you use the right outfit? Or you just put whatever shorts or t-shirts that you find in your closet? 


Well I totally recommend you to use the right outfit to exercise. Because it would let your skin to breath. Here is a tip... if you have big breasts like me, then you would need a high impact sport bra, like this one from La Senza, I love it because I do a lot of jumping jacks, and running so it is very good!! The material is soft and is very resistant!!! 


Also if you are a little chill or want to cover yourself after a hard workout, the la Senza fishnet bomber jacket would be a great option for you!! The one that I am wearing has some holes in the sleeves and back area, so is very good and fashionable for this warm weather!!!  



And talking about warm weather the best you can use when you workout hard... is shorts!! Why? because you skin breaths better. You would let your legs to have a better circulation while your exercising, and this la senza fishnet shorts are amazingly comfortable!!  



So now you know one of the best tips to exercise and that is, to wear the right and comfy workout outfit!! And trust me, La Senza has one of the best in the online market!  


So tell me which one is your favorite on the comments below!!! you can also shop the entire outfit here and take the 20% discount with this la senza coupon.


this post is in collaboration with la senza and stylinity.

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