Hello my love ones!!! Today I am going to show you a routine that I use daily, to keep my skin hydrated, this season!!!


So are you ready to know my secret?!


Well here it is... it's the delicious new Shea butter products from L'occitane en provance!!


L'occitane was founded by Olivier Baussan over 40 years ago, south of france, and what I love about L'occitane is the natural ingredients they use on their products. for decades one of the firm’s signature ingredients has been shea butter, sourced from Burkina Faso.


For the bests results use each product every morning, afternoon, and night.


I like to start my day with the Shea Fabulous Shower Oil,  WHen I showered in the morning. Want to know why? Because this product is enriched with the 10% Shea Oil, and gently cleanses and helps nourish even dry skin.


ThEn I use the Shea Fabulous Oil, with the 5% Shea Oil. It protects my skin from dryness, and it leaves a satin soft finish.


After the Oils, in the afternoon I love to use the Shea Rich Body Lotion, it nourish dry skin and soothe the sensation of tightness. It's Rich in 15% Shea Butter and Calendula, and guesS what? It leaves YOUR skin moisturized for 48 HOURS!!! Now you see why this is my favorite one?! Haha


And the 2 lasts but not least are the Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream, this one has 25% concentrate of Shea Butter, it is perfect for dry to very dry skin, so for winter it is my number 1!!!! And it is quickly absorbed, and it doesn't leave greasy film, so... it is perfect!!! SO HAVE NO DOUBT ON what to use for a dry skin!!!!

And the Shea Ultra Light Body Cream, that is enriched with the 5% Shea Butter, it leaves the skin feeling supple and comfortable, as well as moisturized for 24 hour!! So this one is my favorite before going to bed!!!


You can find L’Occitane’s Shea products at:

So here it is my secret for a perfect skin!!! Which one is the best option for you? Let me know in the comments section below!!

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