Happy 2018 my love ones!!  

2017 was a year of closing all old chapters in our lifes, and a lot of cycles came to an end so we can start a new beginning.

On 2017 I opened a blog, my FIRST BLOG!! I can’t belive I did it, and I am so thankful for that, I also start instablogging, which helped me to start working with amazing brands, and also I learned a little more about photography, which I definitely want to learn more and more about it. I also got a new job at bloomingdales, an amazing department store, where I met an amazing people.  

2017 took away my baby Rocky, he was my dog who I loved so much, it hurt as hell, but also made me realized that his mission was finished in this world, he was the happiest dog. He taught me how to love unconditionally, but also that everything has an end, and that one day I am going to go too, so that’s why we have to live this life to the max!! Because we only have one!!  

I also started to connect with myself spiritually, and start an amazing life path, to start to feel the love, and the good vibrations. Of course I still learning, and I have my struggles, but I want to keep learning, and meditating until I get there!! 

So I welcome this 2018!! It is going to be the year of changing, but of course for good!!  

So Happy New Year everyone, I love you with all my crazy heart!!! And I want to know what did you guys experienced on 2017 and what are your new years resolutions, let me know on the comments below!! 

xoxo- Vivi


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